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by Norma Thomas on 03/14/13

For the die-hard crafter, there can never and will never be enough time.  Regardless of your craft, you know who you are . . . if you've ever stayed up all night crocheting; spent countless hours wrapping embroidery thread around paper bobbins that can't possibly hold up; painstakingly separated a bag of mixed beads that you got on sale; cross-stitched until your eyes were also crossed; or stayed up making soaps or candles until the increased illumination from the rising sun made you realize you were about to face yet ANOTHER day without a minute of sleep . . . then I'm "talking" to you.

The other peculiarity about crafters is that we seldom concentrate on just ONE craft.  Sure, there may be one or two that hold our attention for a time but, invariably, we "stray".  The phenomenon usually occurs after a visit to the local craft store or spending time online visiting various crafting websites (like this one). 

I have a theory about that:  people that are simply creative down to the last cell of their bodies are plagued by muses.  Oh, sure . . . some folks may, in fact, have only one that visits infrequently.  But others of us (and, yes, I am including myself in this group) are bombarded by flocks, gaggles, herds or schools of muses that seem intent on making sure that we never sleep.  Even on those nights when you are fairly certain that you'll be enjoying a full five or six hours of sleep, as soon as you get snuggled into your bed, finding exactly the right temperature and that sublimely comfortable position, one or more of your resident muses will begin whispering in your ear, inspiring you with some innovative pattern or technique or project. 

This is a dilemma for all creative people.  We know, with absolute certainty, that if we don't get up and at least jot down a few notes, sleep will remove the thought and banish the idea from our existence . . . usually for all eternity.  Sometimes, fatigue and the promise of a deep, restorative sleep will win.  However, there are also times that we find ourselves mumbling, grumbling and stumbling from our near slumber to our desks and work tables where we feverishly scribble and doodle and try to leave ourselves enough clues that we will surely be able to retrieve the inspiration come morning. 

The sad part of this tale of tortured trial and triumph is that the folks who have no muse motivating their imaginations simply cannot understand or appreciate why our homes are often cluttered, beds unmade and dishes unwashed.  It is because we have no time for these things.  There are far too many other things out there, right now, waiting for us to make or create them.  And, make no mistake . . . make or create them, we must.

So, carry on, fellow crafters.  I wish you much success in your creative endeavors and as much sleep as those darned muses will allow.

~ Norma

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