The DAISY is April's Birthflower!
The SAUCER MAGNOLIA is also known as the Japanese or Oriental Magnolia!
The Saucer Magnolia
A friend asked me about the significance of the saucer magnolia since there are so many items featuring, essentially, bits and pieces of the same few frames.  This particular saucer magnolia is in my front yard.  I am currently living in my grandmother's house.  My grandmother planted this tree about forty years ago.  Out of everything she planted, this was her pride and joy . . . mainly because, as I understand it, it was given to her by her sister, my Great Aunt Ollie.  Grandma and Aunt Ollie have both passed, now.  I like to think that they are pleased I'm sharing their beautiful tree with the world . . . or, at least, the world-wide web.
The ROSE is June's Birthflower!
The ASTER is September's Birthflower!
WHIMSICALITY  .  .  . the "whimsical" name I gave my Zazzle Store.  I am an enthusiastic, amature photographer.  What I Iack in technique, I compensate for in sheer volume.  In addition to photography, I have always considered myself something of a "frustrated artist" . . . frustrated because I'm not an artist.  I don't have the ability most artists have, but I have a fair sense of color and design.  So, going with my strengths, I have opened the Zazzle Store and hope that you will find it as inspiring as I do . . . only I hope you do so with credit card in hand.  LOL  Thank you so much for visiting SOAPhisticated LADY.  I hope you will enjoy visiting the Zazzle store as well.
. . . is the similarly "whimsical" name of my Cafepress Store.  Oddly enough, WHIMSICALITY was taken by a musical production.  Cafepress offers an even greater selection but has some limitations with design implementation.  I also hope you have a chance to visit that store as well.
Not Your "Everyday" Aster
Sometimes you just have to go with what you know . . . or can at least justify.  To be honest, I'm not 100% convinced the collection above and right is an "Aster" collection.  The photograph was taken at a house that was owned by my Uncle Jim, who passed in 2008.  Before being auctioned as a part of his estate in 2012, it had been rented (for more than a decade) by an elderly friend of the family.  He could not remember the name of the flower.  His wife, who passed in 2009, had picked out the flower shortly after they moved in.  I used numerous descriptions of the flower when searching on the internet, and the only similar picture I found was of a DOUBLE-BLOOMING PURPLE SPIDER ASTER.  If you can provide more information on this unusual bloom, I would love to hear from you!